Magmatism Pic-Nic at Pavilion 02 / Venice

At the former Santa Cosma and Damiano church occupied by Pavilion 02 in GAD – Giudecca Art District Magmatism team activated the courtyard space with video screenings, performances presentations and sheer human engagement. It was unique occasion to get involved with Magmatism Movement – a project that we had been developing this year that focuses on unknown and inexplicable movements of culture masses under the metaphor of the processes of magma flow in Earth crust. Magmatism is a living, moving and eruptive thing that you have yet to witness.

With Pic-Nic at Pavilion 02 Magmatism wants to introduce new curatorial perspective on how art functions in current time. We strive to bring up contexts that in relation to global, white, western, heteronormative art world can be perceived borderline or completely outside.

For Magmatism Pic-Nic we have selected works and artists that represent this certain kind of nonconformity, their sense of belonging is somewhat skewed, normal yet liminal.  

In the evening of the 9th of May we hosted Sunset Video – a consecutive presentation of various video works that reflect on sense of singular sense of not belonging. .

In the morning of 10th of May Performative Breakfast was held at the Pavilion 02 courtyard.
In cooperation with:

Mediations Biennale

GAD – Giudecca Art District


May 9th – Sunset Video

5PM – Pic-Nic starts with drinks

6PM – 10PM:

Video Screenings at sunset with selected works by:

  • Ewa Doroszenko
  • Paweł Kowalewski
  • Gabriel Mestre / Jacek Sosnowski
  • Lisl Ponger
  • Peter Johansson
  • Julien Bouillon
  • Ibrahim Quraishi
  • Pepe Mogt
  • Matti Aikio

May 10th – Performative Breakfast

10AM – 2PM:

Morning networking session with special presentations by:

  • Melissa Lockwood
  • Norbert Delman
  • Antonio Gritón / Adriana Camacho

Programme curated by: Gabriel Mestre Arrioja and Jacek Sosnowski

About Pavilion 02

Pavilion 0, whose first edition took place at Palazzo Dona in Campo San Polo in 2013, initiated the presence of a national pavilion represented by 25 artists from around the world at the Biennale di Venezia divided into national pavilions, expressing the nineteenth concept of the upcoming cultures of European countries and outside the world. The 21st century is a post-global reality, parallel worlds: analog and virtual. Identity found itself at the crossroads between the physical body and the cloud. In connection with OBE (out of body experience) there is the phenomenon of exteriorization, the transfer of consciousness to another dimension. Art that is not permanently associated with any medium, explores and creates reality, confronts man with unconventional experiences. Pavillion 02 refers to oxygen, an element present in matter, water and air, which is a condition for the existence of life. Referring to the concept of GAD – “take care of your garden”, we are interestedin living in the dimension of bio and cyber space meaning new utopias of our civilization. \

– Tomasz Wendland Pavilion 02, curator