Welcome to Magmatism!

In slow movement of large masses of magma within Earth crust violent yet small events occur. These eruptions of liquified rock happen all the time building what surface of the Earth is. Constant accumulation of material creates structures that evolve over time. These phenomena can be compared to how culture and humanity works – trough slow passage of time and shaped by small events that often go unnoticed.

In series of exhibitions, texts and discussions we will explore various notions of magmatism metaphor. With “Earth – Body” exhibition at Geological Museum UNAM in Mexico City Magmatism unveils its first chapter.

In the photo Jacek Sosnowski and Gabriel Mestre Arrioja. Photo taken by Jonatan Habib Engqvist at Geological Museum in Warsaw.

The Magmatism project was conceived by Gabriel Mestre Arrioja, Jonatan Habib Engqvist and Jacek Sosnowski in 2018.

Its development has to be attributed to various residencies undertaken by project creators such as Cris, Iaspis, Crimex and professional program of Warsaw Gallery Weekend, Market and Oslo Open.

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